Patrick Ziselberger

Brooklyn, NY | Saxtons River, VT



Employment History

IT Manager

Bensonwood Homes. 9/2003 - Present

Summary: I manage the budgeting, purchasing, upkeep, and recycling of all of the hardware and software assets for Bensonwood Homes. This includes managing an internal VMWare server environment, corporate Windwos Domain, e-mail and calendar through Google Apps, internal and remote backup of core company data, and network security. Additionally, I take care of desktop support in a mixed Windows XP/Windows 7 Professional environment. I also handle support, purchasing, and maintenance of the company phone system (including cellular and smart phones).

Web Master

Bensonwood Homes. 3/1999 - Present

Summary: I work with the Marketing Director to realize his vision on the company web site. I create all pages, stylesheets, scripts, and applications on the site. I test for compliance to web standards, manage search engine optimization (SEO), and handle online advertising purchases. I am also responsible for Bensonwood's presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, as well as maintainting Tedd Benson's Blog.